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Director, 2019

Stranded on an arctic island with a dying man in 1921, an Alaskan seamstress must overcome her fears of the wilderness and find the strength to survive if she ever hopes to return home to her son. Inspired by the true story of Ada Blackjack.

Credits Director Dane Winn Producer Tom Box Production Manager Lizzie Hicks Lead Look Development Arthur Tibbett Unreal Developer Jack Sainsbury Pipeline TD Phil Stewart Original Score Matthew Wilcock Mezzo Soprano Katie Stephenson Sound Design Matthew Wilcock Connor Duin Audio Post Zelig Sound Storyboarding Catherine Salkeld Design Sukano Debnath Modelling Pietro Licini Grace Culverwell Rigging Anthony Delliste Animation Ben Steer Dagmara Ziemianska Dane Winn Mark Spokes Oleksiy Popov Lorena Diaz Megan Huggins Steve Kimbrey Chloe Deneuve Unreal Artists Paul Mitcheson Yolande Clerke George Quelch Callum Ashton Jack Sainsbury


The film came with a lot of challenges to make. Telling the story of a real person and trying to capture a chapter from her experience was a tall order, but we also had the technical challenge of achieving a sketchy 2D/3D hybrid style.

We used Unreal Engine for it's real-time rendering capabilities to iterate faster and experiment with new tools and techniques. Epic Games heard what we were working on and came over to the studio to film some behind the scenes and find out a bit about the process. Check it out below.

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