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Dinner's at 6

Director, 2015

This short is about the dynamic of a family, shown through the ritual of sitting up for dinner at 6 o'clock.

Directed by Dane Winn

Music by Ian Shaw

Sound by Matthew Footitt



Storyboarding using the entire dining room scene made it easier to stage the action and figure out what the character's upper body would be doing at any time.


I wanted the background design to feel quite warm, so there is a lot of wooden surfaces with red and brown tones. The final image had more of a gradation of colour to infer lighting coming from the hallway.


The characters were designed using a consistent colour palette, and so the characters that conflict with each other, have contrasting colours.


The final look was achieved by animating basic 3D characters, then using that as a guide for proportions to rotoscope the animation with the character designs, and hand rendering the colour frame by frame. The linework was then erased to give a bold shape that fit in with the background design.


The film took 35 weeks to make and featured the vocal talents of Ian Shaw and sound design of Matthew Footitt.

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