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Boom Beach Frontlines: Laser Ranger

Director, 2022

To introduce a new character to the Boom Beach Frontline mobile game, we created this spot of the Laser Ranger troop rising into a room of grunts and doing what they do best. It was a great project to work on and a fantastic client to collaborate with. We worked together to figure out a short narrative that would demonstrate the character's personality, feature plenty of humor and show some exciting action.

Credits Space Ape Art Director Lee Sullivan ​ Lead Artist Nic Williams ‍ Blue Zoo Director Dane Winn ‍ Art Direction & Design Grant Berry ‍ Character Assets Space Ape ‍ Modelling Casssandra Haulot ‍ Rigging Leo Blackmur Vasil Shotarov ‍ Look Development Casssandra Haulot Hugo Bussiere ‍ Animation Sam Potter Marta Arisa Dane Winn ‍ FX Josh Palfrey ‍ Lighting & Compositing Francesca Pesce Kosta Davkovski

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