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Boom Beach Frontlines: Laser Ranger

Director, 2022

To introduce a new character to the Boom Beach Frontline mobile game, we created this spot of the Laser Ranger troop rising into a room of grunts and doing what they do best. It was a great project to work on and a fantastic client to collaborate with. We worked together to figure out a short narrative that would demonstrate the character's personality, feature plenty of humor and show some exciting action.

Credits Space Ape Art Director Lee Sullivan Lead Artist Nic Williams Blue Zoo Director Dane Winn Art Direction & Design Grant Berry Character Assets Space Ape Modelling Cassandra Haulot Rigging Leo Blackmur Vasil Shotarov Look Development Cassandra Haulot Hugo Bussiere Animation Sam Potter Marta Arisa Dane Winn FX Josh Palfrey Lighting & Compositing Francesca Pesce Kosta Davkovski

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