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Pup Hero Adventures

Director, 2019

I had the opportunity to Direct this commercial and the subsequent social videos for Nickelodeon, advertising Pedigree Small Dog Food, in conjunction with Paw Patrol at Blue-Zoo Productions.

Working alongside Art Director Grant Berry and Creative Director Damian Hook, we used 3D animation combined with hand-drawn outlines and clean up to create the dog character. Beautiful matte paintings were then created for the backgrounds. We wanted to achieve a 2D style for the piece, but using techniques that would allow for easier animation tweaks and refinement later on in production without causing our artists to redo lots of work. This hybrid of mediums proved successful and meant we could implement more 2D effects in a seamless way.

The team at Nickelodeon gave me and the artists at Blue-Zoo lots of creative freedom on this project, and working together to develop the scripts, we were able to tell a pretty action-packed story.

Directed by Dane Winn

Art DIrected by Grant Berry

Creative Director Damian Hook

Created at Blue-Zoo

Produced by Nickelodeon

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