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The Path

Director, 2021

Created at Bluezoo for Hatch London, the idea behind this advert was to take the concept of a wooden scale model of a future city and bring it to life, showing how your investments could have a big impact on the future and what gets built.

Credits Hatch Creative Creative Director Bruce Crouch ​ Business Director Mark Gibson ​ Creative Design Director Mark Harrison ‍ Blue Zoo Director Dane Winn ​ Art Direction & Design Grant Berry ​ Modelling Hugo Bussiere ​ Rigging Hugo Bussiere ​ Look Development Lisa-Mae Evans ​ Animation Charlotte Binnie-Thompson ​ FX Francesca Pesce Dane Winn ​ ‍Lighting & Compositing Francesca Pesce Oliver Street ​ Production Toni Cunningham ​ CG Supervisor Arthur Tibbet ​ Executive Producer Damian Hook ​ Head of Production Lizzie Hicks

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